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The Principal Fellows Program has been producing exemplary school leaders since its inception in 1993. Below are some comments from PFP alumni and others, speaking to the quality of the Principal Fellows Program, and how it is impacting schools across the state.

Julie Brady
Principal Fellows Class 13
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Asheboro City Schools
Charles W. McCrary Elementary School

I am so thankful for what I learned during my MSA program, August, 2006-May, 2008.  Being a principal Fellow did not “get” me a job; however, the experiences I had because of the program, and the constant reflection about my practice, prepared me well for my current role as a principal.  UNCG and its focus upon the cultural foundations of education helped me to become a principal that questions, so that children continue to be the focus of all that I and my staff do to create a positive, worthwhile education for our children.

Being a principal is not easy; I am so glad I have my Principal Fellow friends from UNCG—we don’t talk everyday, but I find great comfort in knowing they’re a phone call or email away!

Chris Blice
Wachovia 2010 Triad / Central Regional Principal of the Year (Class 5)
East Carolina University
Chatham County Schools
Chief Auxiliary Services Officer

Let me preface my response by telling you how wonderful my experience as a Principal Fellow at East Carolina was and how very much it has meant to me in my present career as a school level administrator. We often try the flavor of the month in education and miss the mark more often than not, but the PF Program hit it dead on and has produced some of the very best administrators in North Carolina or any state.

Gloria H. Jones
Principal Fellows Class 3
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Orange County Schools
Principal, A.L. Stanback Middle School

The Principals Fellows Program afforded me the opportunity to meet dynamic individuals with whom to network and create support systems.  Moreover, lifelong friendships have been formed.

Judith M. Moore
Principal Fellows Class 8
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Gaston County Schools
Principal, Mt. Holly Middle School

The structure of the Principal Fellows Program is unlike any other program in the State of North Carolina. It not only affords you the financial ability to complete your course work on a full-time basis, the internship is invaluable. The full-year, full-time, internship is far more effective than any piecemeal internship process I've been exposed to. Both as a Principal Fellow who experienced the full-time internship and now as a Principal who has seen the effectiveness of the part-time internships from the "other side of the desk," there is no comparison.

I've been through the Principal Fellows Program as a student and also have enjoyed the pleasure of being a Principal mentor for another Principal Fellow. Without question, the strongest, most-prepared administrative candidates seem to be produced from the North Carolina Principal Fellows Program.

Dr. Anne Marie Radke
Principal Fellows Class 3
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Union County Schools
Principal, Piedmont Middle School

2012 Graduate Wingate University Doctoral Program, Cohort I

The PFP allowed me to take the necessary steps to become a thoughtful and focused 21st Century leader. The coursework, cohort and internship are the hallmarks for a quality administrative training methodology that is difficult to duplicate in a “regular” Master’s program. Without a doubt, it has enabled me to be a successful and visionary leader.

Margaret Sessoms
Principal Fellows Class 7
Fayetteville State University

Cumberland County Schools
Principal, Reid Ross Classical School

I graduated from Fayetteville State University in May, 2002 and became Principal at Reid Ross Classical School in Cumberland County in July, 2008. The Principal Fellows Program provided me with exceptional training in a so many areas that have helped me become a successful leader in the Cumberland County School System. Probably the greatest learning occurred as the Principal Fellows shared their experiences and new ideas with others from across the state.

Paul Wilson
Principal Fellows Class 14
Western Carolina University

Cherokee County Schools
Assistant Principal, Ranger Elem/Middle School

I have no doubt that being a North Carolina principal helped me greatly in two big ways. First, because I was a full-time student (not juggling courses while teaching), I was able to graduate at the very top of my class and receive the highest possible honors from my graduate program. Second, being a Principal Fellow (the only one from my home district) set me apart from other candidates and helped me land the first position for which I applied.

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